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A Brief History of My Writing

February 8, 2018


I was reminded today that my very first short story was in the fourth grade. And I still remember what that story was about. We were given an assignment to write a 1-page story, and my first attempt at an outline was a thinly veiled spoof of Star Wars. The teacher gave me feedback on the outline and I decided to change course. This, however, was a harbinger of things to come as Star Wars—to this day—still has a strong effect on my writing. The revised story was about a drought on the planet Neptune and how the main character’s pet died in the drought. My scientific knowledge of Neptune was lacking, but that little story kicked off my writing career.


It only took 30 more years and the digital revolution to get published.


During my senior year of high school, I read a funny short story written by a friend which made fun of other kids in school. I thought, “Oh, I can top this story.” So I wrote my own 17-page story making fun of teachers in my high school combining the plots of the movies Dumb and Dumber and Woody Allen’s Bananas. That story achieved my goal of making a few of my friends laugh.


Over the years my interests moved more into screenwriting and I wrote several film scripts. Nothing came of that, though I got a lot of practice writing. Back to Star Wars for a moment: I wrote a few “fan scripts”—as they call them—of Star Wars movies. I wrote an Episode III in 2002 (3 years before the movie came out). I wrote a movie set in between Episodes IV and V. And my crowning “achievement” was my own versions of Episode VII (2007) and Episode VIII (2012). These two were much better than the ones we got in theaters (HaHa).


While writing Episode IX, I was sitting at Barnes & Noble and thought, “I should be writing my own original stuff.” That day, in 2014,  The Chrysolite Mission and The Lights of Zoain saga was born. I became determined to produce my own series and I am very excited that Book One is about to be released soon.


Join the Mission!


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